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Ad Hoc Print Mailing Intake Form

If you have questions about the Ad Hoc Mailing process, please refer to these documents:

- Alternative Print and Mailings Process (updated Nov. 2020)

- Ad-Hoc Mailings Process 

Your Name*
Date of desired mailing:*
Please submit a minimum of 4 weeks before mailing. Printing can take two weeks. Mailing can take one week.

Your requested date is less than four weeks away. Please note that most requests take a minimum of four weeks to complete.

If your request is urgent, please contact Ann ( and Gloria ( prior to submitting this form.

Due to COVID-19, mailings should be sent electronically when possible. Can this mailing be done electronically?*

Mailing Items

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We cannot start your mailing project until you have a quantity. Estimated quantity is okay.
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When possible, please submit your request to Steve Campbell via the data request form prior to completing this form.

Does this list have any patient names?*
Does this material use UW Medicine Advancement letterhead and envelopes?*
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Does this material contain stewardship?*


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Other Mailing Inserts

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Other inserts:


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